A lightweight approach to IT service management

The course covers the basic concepts and terms of IT Service Management. The purpose and structure of the FitSM standards will be discussed, as well as the process framework underlying FitSM. In addition, the training explains how to benefit from this reasonably small, open IT Service Management standard.

Foundation training and certification can be done in just ONE day

Why do you need FitSM® for your service management process system?

IT Service Management is the standard used by most organizations to organize IT and streamline IT operations into customer-facing services.

FitSM is designed for professionals who want to be quickly recognized as having the competencies needed to implement effective ITSM processes – without going into the details of other frameworks.

While other sets of best practices lack certain elements of standardisation, FitSM is designed to implement auditable standards, thereby focusing on what matters most in IT service management

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With FitSM in place, organizations can achieve:
  • the steps towards implementing the full set of IT Service Management processes
  • enhancing an organization’s provision of IT services – using a concise, lightweight and achievable ITSM standard
  • application of effective ITSM processes in federated environments – where services are managed in cooperation with competing or disparate organizations
  • successful management of specific ITSM processes
  • implementation of the foundations of effective ITSM processes – in instances where it is not necessary to implement the detailed processes delivered by other frameworks like ISO/IEC 20000.