Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation

The ability to facilitate is a feature of modern leaders. Having it allows you to get better results from meetings and workshops, build team engagement and gain the favor of stakeholders.

Facilitation is an important element of effective team management, a complex task or project. The art of conducting meetings allows even a very diverse group of people to work together and achieve specific results in a short time.

A meeting at which an independent facilitator is located is called a Facilitated Workshop. During the workshop, the Facilitator cares about the effectiveness of activities and achievement of the assumed goal with the appropriate involvement of all participants. Facilitation tools allow to bring out creativity and openness in teams, they help solve the most complex problems together.

Facilitated Workshops are recommended by the AgilePM methodology as a tool improving the quality of communication in the team.

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Dział Handlowy

Dział Handlowy

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  • Ability to conduct simple Facilitated Workshops;
  • The ability to recognize the maturity of the group and the complexity of problems;
  • Willingness to intervene during meetings headed "in the unknown direction";
  • Familiarization with tools supporting work in a group and with a group; Understanding the different personality types in the context of communication and collaboration (based on MBTI® Individual Preference Indicators).