Facilitation Foundation

Accredited training with examination confirming the skills acquired during the training.

The training takes the form of an interactive workshop that transfers knowledge about Facilitation from scratch – starting from the distinction between tasks and processes, through the role of the Facilitator and Task Leader.

During the course, participants become more and more aware of the group process and learn about (and try on themselves) new tools, techniques and models. The last day includes planning your own “Facilitated Workshop”, learning how to contract with a group and preparing a Process Agenda for your workshop.

The training prepares students for the Facilitation Foundation exam and obtaining an international certificate.

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Dział Handlowy

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For whom?

  • for all people who cooperate and working with a group
  • agile team members and leaders
  • project managers
  • people conducting meetings and responsible for broadly understood communication and cooperation between departments or companies with different business goals

from 2099 PLN (VAT not included)


2 days



Training details
Exam and certification

The Facilitation Foundation training is a way to improve skills and obtain better results during meetings / workshops, thanks to uniting people around solving an important problem for them.

The role of this training is also to provide basic knowledge about facilitation (useful for anyone who works with people).

When is it worth using facilitation as a method of working with a group?

Here are some examples: the team has knowledge but cannot share it; working meetings take too much time; problems to be solved are complicated and require the cooperation of various specialists; implementation of the solution worked out by the team depends to a large extent on the level of personal commitment of the group members; to increase the sense of responsibility for the results achieved in the entire team.

Table of contents:

  • Different group work formats
  • Tasks and Process (what they are, how they differ)
  • The role of the Task Leader and the role of the Facilitator
  • Model representation: Iceberg® process
  • Basic Process Tools
  • Individual Preference Indicator (Myers Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI®)
  • Discussing personality types and their ways of acting and perceiving the environment
  • Tools for Tasks (overview and exercises)
  • Model Overview: Iceberg® Process
  • Data collection tools
  • Debate and Group Formation as a decision making tool
  • Advanced analysis and data collection tools
  • Planning of activities
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Case study - "supermarket chain"
  • Planning an event
  • Contract between the Facilitator and the group
  • Facilitating the meeting - Hamburg Research
  • Meeting modeling by: Process Iceberg®
  • Models and tools:
  • Solving problems in an organization using the organizational model: Iceberg® Process
  • Effective Facilitator Profile

Our participants get:

  • classes conducted by an accredited trainer
  • accredited training materials
  • friendly atmosphere of learning and exchange of experiences
  • possibility of taking an exam and obtaining international certification
  • catering - coffee breaks and lunch
  • participation diploma

During the training, participants are provided with valuable tips, comments and information necessary to pass the exam.

Certification covers the material discussed in the training.

The Facilitation Foundation certificate is awarded for lifetime.

Exam details:

  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Volume: 50 single-choice test questions (1 answer out of 4)
  • Positive result: 50% of correct answers (25 points)
  • Language: Polish, English


The exam is available:

  • on paper (during stationary training)
  • in electronic version (during online training).

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