'Start drawing!' - business drawing workshop

Original workshop developed by OMEC.

The training takes the form of a workshop, during which everyone practices drawing under the supervision of a trainer.

Participants receive equipment and materials for drawing, with the help of which they create their individual base of symbols, icons, signs and characters. They practice selected handwriting shapes and try different ways of presenting information.

The workshop ends with the independent execution of a “large-format work” – everyone creates their drawing on a flipchart.

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Dział Handlowy

Dział Handlowy

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For whom?

  • people who conduct business meetings and need to strengthen their message, diversify presentations, engage colleagues or reach a wider audience
  • managers and leaders
  • analysts
  • product owners
  • scrum masters
  • managers of various levels
  • trainers and facilitators

from 849 PLN (VAT not included)


1 day



Training details
Exam and certification

It is necessary to have the right attitude: openness and willingness to experiment.

You can come with your topic (presentation) for which you are looking for a creative way of presenting.

Thanks to the training, you can learn how to quickly draw elements supporting business communication, gain skill in presenting topics with the support of drawings, create your own database of graphics to use in your work, stimulate creativity and the willingness to experiment, acquire the ability to build a drawing narrative that will engage the audience.

Each participant receives sheets of paper, drawing tools and two professional felt-tip pens. You take all your works and pens with you. Photographic documentation of the drawings from the workshops will be available to the participants for further inspiration.

Table of contents:

  • Why draw? - a few words about the benefits of drawing (sketchnoting, presentations, group work, problem solving, communication, inspiration)
  • Drawing tools - testing different types of pens
  • How to ensure legibility - different typefaces for different occasions
  • Words important to us - how to write them
  • Mark what is most important - frames, banners, boxes
  • Show your way of thinking - arrows and other connectors
  • Various types of calculations and bullets
  • Faster than typing - basic symbols
  • You can also draw characters - UVO figures
  • Movement and emotions - bikablo® figures
  • Use the learned elements to strengthen the message
  • Different formats for different occasions - templates and diagrams
  • Size matters - large format
  • Principles of composing drawing presentations - the goal is the most important
  • Final large-format work - my flipchart

Our participants get:

  • sheets of paper and drawing utensils
  • friendly atmosphere of learning and exchange of experiences
  • catering - coffee breaks and lunch
  • participation diploma

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(+48) 801 55 66 32