Project Manager's Tools and Techniques

OMEC original training.

Project management can be fantastic and adventurous journey, an interesting career, and a way of doing work in a planned and systematic way. However, without the tools of trade it is mostly adventurous and risky. If you are new to the trade or would like to systematize your knowledge and do not know where to start, we are here to help. As a PM you will provide a structure for your team to do the work in an organized and systematic way.  You will combine different fields ranging from psychology to finance to mathematics not forgetting about the expertise in the field you are running projects in. That is why some PM masters call this discipline an art.

We will teach you how to shape, execute, monitor, and close the projects of various types. We will tell you about mitigating risks and changing the project to accommodate fluctuating business environment. We will also show you what are the needs of different types of projects, and what techniques and methodologies would fit best. We will discuss how to work with plans, budgets, work statements, stakeholders, risks, and change. We will introduce you to project indicators and assessing the condition of the project and also techniques of bringing errant project back on track. We will also show you IT tools that help us in our everyday work. At the end we will show you what methodologies, approaches and certifications exist in the market and where to aim in your career.

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Dział Handlowy

Dział Handlowy

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For whom?

  • project managers
  • assistant project managers
  • team managers within the project
  • people preparing to work in such roles

from 2000 PLN (VAT not included)


2 days



Training details
Exam and certification

Table of contents:

  • Common sense guide to project management
    • Why do we do it
    • How do we do it
    • Why it is important that you develop your skills continuously
    • What is the relationship between Project, Program, Portfolio and Operations management
    • What is the business context of project management
    • What are the factors that influence projects
    • What is the role of a PM
    • What can you do and what you can’t do as a PM
    • What are the competences of a successful project manager
    • What about the leadership skills
  • Let's make a project
    • What is a project
    • What project types are there
    • To agile or not to agile
    • Project charter tools and techniques
    • Project management plan tools and techniques
    • Managing project work tools and techniques
    • Managing project knowledge tools and techniques
    • Monitor and control the project tools and techniques
    • Control change tools and techniques
    • Close the project
  • The magic triangle of Time, Scope and Cost (yes, it all integrates in quality)
  • Project scope
  • Project schedule
  • Manage project costs
  • Manage quality across the project
  • Resource management
  • Project communications
  • Play with risks
  • Project procurement
  • Stakeholders
  • Modern tools for PMs
  • Career paths
  • Available certification schemes


Our participants get:

  • classes conducted by an experienced trainer
  • original training materials
  • friendly atmosphere of learning and exchange of experiences
  • participation diploma

No certification after this training.

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(+48) 801 55 66 32