Portfolio Management and PMO set-up

Managing of portfolios and PMO set-up or refresh

This OMEC’s training is designed for individuals and organizations that need to effectively implement or reorganize a Project/Portfolio Office and use portfolio management best practices to make the right decisions to achieve strategic objectives and meet business priorities.

In order for managers to have the information on which to make the right decisions about selecting, launching, or closing projects, it is advisable to have a PMO that is well prepared for its supporting role.

While portfolio management focuses on making the right decisions about projects and programs, achieving strategic objectives, impacting day-to-day operations (Business as Usual) and realizing business benefits, the Portfolio Management Office (PMO) focuses on providing information to portfolio level decision makers, as well as developing standards, processes and procedures and document templates for managing projects and programs in the company, building the knowledge base and measuring benefits.

Portfolio management, supported by a well-structured PMO, is thoroughly discussed during the course. The aim is to enable the participant to acquire the ability to effectively prioritise projects in the portfolio and to learn about the philosophy of portfolio management.

The course also presents several PMO models suitable for small, medium and large organisations with diverse business activities. It also explains what selection criteria are assigned to the appropriate model and what services can be provided by the PMO to the organization. It identifies the typical roles in a PMO, along with detailing the skills needed for each role.

With the knowledge gained from this training you can:

  • maximize the business benefits of initiatives launched
  • implement programs and projects in the context of your organization’s strategic objectives
  • launch only those projects that deliver the greatest business value
  • organize and standardize project management in your organization
  • report consistently and comparably across the portfolio of projects and other initiatives
  • identify, dissemine and apply lessons learned.


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For whom?

  • Portfolio managers
  • PMO leaders and staff
  • Project and programme managers

from 2299 PLN (VAT not included)


2 days



Training details
Exam and certification

Portfolio Management

  • Strategic and organizational framework
  • Principles of portfolio management
  • Portfolio definition
    • Categorize, prioritize and balance the portfolio
  • Portfolio delivery
    • Benefit management
    • Risk and dependence management
    • Resource management
    • Communication and stakeholder management
  • Typical measurements, KPI
  • Roles in portfolio management
  • Documentation


  • Functions of the PMO
    • Portfolio Management Office
    • Project and/or Programme Management Office
  • Tools and techniques
    • Data presentation
    • Dashboards
  • Roles
  • PMO models
  • PMO implementation
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge base



This training aims to provide knowledge and skills of project portfolio management, as well as the best practices of organizing a PMO.

It is not intended to prepare you for any kind of certification, although the knowledge gained during this course would certainly allow you to successfully pass such an exam :)

Portfolio Management and PMO set-up


07-12-2023, Zdalne/Remote

days: 2

from 2299 PLN