Certified SOA Professional

Course Description

A Certified SOA Professional has mastered the fundamental topic areas pertaining to SOA and service-oriented computing, and has met minimum SOACP qualifications by demonstrating proficiency in at least one additional area. 


2 days

Course Contents

This course consists of the following modules:

  • S90.01: Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing
    • Strategic Goals of Service-Oriented Computing
    • Fundamental Service-Oriented Computing Terms
    • Concepts relating to Services, Service-Oriented Architecture and Service Compositions
    • Introduction to the Service-Orientation Design Paradigm and related Principles and Concepts
    • SOA Project Delivery Approaches and Planning
    • Introduction to the Service Delivery Lifecycle, including Service-Oriented Analysis, Service-Oriented Design and Service Modeling
    • SOA Adoption Impacts and Requirements
    • Enterprise Service Bus, Web Services, REST Services
    • Service Grids and Service Virtualization
    • Cloud Computing and SOA Connection Points
  • S90.03: SOA Design & Architecture
    • History of Service-Orientation and SOA
    • SOA Theory Fundamentals
    • Service-Orientation vs. "Silo" based Design
    • Distinguishing Characteristics of the SOA Model
    • Understanding Services and Service Capabilities
    • Complex Service Composition Design, Composition Runtime Roles and Responsibilities
    • The Eight Design Principles of Service-Orientation
    • Contract First Design, Standardized Service Contracts, and Uniform Contracts
    • Service Loose Coupling and Coupling Types, Service Abstraction and Information Hiding
    • Service Reusability and Agnostic Design
    • Service Autonomy and Runtime Control
    • Service Statelessness and State Deferral
    • Service Discoverability, Interpretability
    • Introduction to SOA Design Patterns


After the training you'll receive vouchers for the follwing examinations:

  • Exam S90.01: Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing
  • Exam S90.03: SOA Design & Architecture


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