Essence of TRIM

TRIM™ (The Rational IT Model™) is a practical proposition of implementing and managing IT services in an organization, which is based on the ITIL® best practice.

The TRIM model includes all necessary processes, procedures, roles and templates needed to implement IT management services, so that they are delivered in an effective way and with a value which is expected by business.

Aligned with ITIL®

ITIL is a set of recommendations, specific code of conduct, which when followed provides effective IT services provision.

TRIM™ uses those proposed recommendations to show specific solutions, called a reference model, which is a ready-made standard which defines how ITIL® recommendations can be implemented.

The proposed model provides a way to adapt this to the requirements and specifics of small, medium and large organizations.

The model is built based on a comprehensive look at organization management and includes the necessary functions, needed in order to provide IT services and the escalation paths, which makes it easier to integrate and implement in the organization and cooperation with outside providers.

The easy to understand and implement model, can form, after implementation, the basis for an ISO / IEC 20000 certification.

Additionally the model is available as Open Source, which allows its users to utilize, analyze, modify, improve and expand existing products for free.

Benefits of using TRIM

  • Readymade organization model, easy to adapt and implement in an organization of any size,
  • Shortening the time of implementing changes, 
  • Increasing the ability of the IT service provider to address key problems of the organization, 
  • Minimizing the risk of implementing new services and modifying existing ones, 
  • Better utilization of business potential.

Who should take part in the training session?

The training sessions are aimed at:

  • All people who provide IT services,
  • Management and IT team leaders, who want to know and understand the mechanisms needed to manage services,
  • Consultants, who want to obtain criteria, a reference point, useful in assessment of the current state of the organization in the field of providing IT services and gap analysis.

Benefits of taking part in an OMEC training session

  • The possibility to exchange experiences with other participants and the trainer, 
  • Obtaining practical knowledge and competitive skills,
  • Increasing the effectiveness of professional activities, 
  • The possibility to confront own experiences with the proposed model,
  • Preparing for the certification examination of the Foundation level, 
  • Taking part in a training conducted by qualified and experienced practitioners and trainers.

Available training

Please see the detailed plan of the TRIM Foundation training.


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