What is SCRUM?

Scrum is currently the most popular Framework in the family of Agile methods.

Scrum is frequently applied during software creation and development, but it is not limited to this area.

It puts a particular emphasis on the utilization of feedback information, from stage to stage, on self-organisation of teams, and most of all on the establishment of tested, working and usable “growths” in a product. All that is accomplished in short, usually 2-3 week long time stretches, called the “sprints”.

The method is described in the Scrum Guide – Rules of the Game, which was prepared and is updated by the Scrum creators: Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherlant. Contrary to traditional approaches, such as PRINCE2 or PMI Scrum has no complex management layer. This is why many authors describe it as a methodology for executive teams. What is worth stressing is the fact that the roles described in Scrum, the team self-organization, the emphasis put on supply of working products, all that in total results in a very effective tool for use in projects.rczanie działających produktów, wszystko to samo w sobie daje bardzo skuteczne narzędzie do wykorzystania w realizacji projektów.

Scrum was created as a framework for software development. Today Scrum is applied to full range of human activities that require teamwork and where time forms a crucial factor.

It grants enormous increase in task completion speed, team motivation and creativity and the simplicity and elasticity in product development.

We offer a two-day Scrum Master Workshop training that introduces the principles of this method in a workshop fashion.

You will find the training program here.

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