IT services and systems architecture

In our daily lives we are surrounded by different systems. For example your organization’s network can be thought of as a system, which is made up of different elements (servers, workstations, network equipment, etc.), which are interconnected and managed in such a way, as to support the daily activities of your organization and its long term strategy. The organization itself can also be viewed as a system – one comprised of different departments, teams, individuals, etc. They too need organization in the form of establishing policies, defining and carrying out specific business processes, nourishing a specific organizational culture, etc.


What is the best way to manage IT services so as to ensure the highest quality service, catered to the needs of the client and end user? Who should be responsible for defining the scope and quality requirements of IT services? Which service parameters should be measured in order to enhance the quality of services rendered? Should there be a unique standard in the approach to delivering IT services by IT departments, and a different approach to the same services delivered commercially?


The SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) program is dedicated to excellence in the field of SOA and service-oriented computing. Through a series of seasoned course modules and exams, IT professionals have the opportunity to obtain a number of different certifications to recognize their accomplishment of gaining project-ready SOA proficiency.


TOGAF® (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is a universal, independent from providers standard that provides methods and tools for developing, implementing and maintaining corporate architecture.


TRIM™ (The Rational IT Model™) is a practical proposition of implementing and managing IT services in an organization, which is based on the ITIL® best practice.



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