Certified SOA Architect

A Certified SOA Architect has demonstrated proficiency in the mechanics of SOA through the physical design of service-oriented technology architectures, service-oriented solutions, and related infrastructure.

To be considered an expert in this field requires a solid understanding of the service-orientation design paradigm including all related design principles and the effects of their application.

Fundamental SOA concepts and terminology need to become second nature to the SOA Architect and must be further supplemented with exposure to relevant SOA technologies. The different forms of service-oriented technology must also be fully understood, including the dependencies that exist between architectural levels.

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Training details
Exam and certification

SOA-certified architects will need to be prepared for a variety of design challenges and therefore must be proficient with the use of industry design patterns and service-oriented design processes. They must furthermore have an appreciation of how service design fits into the overall SOA project delivery lifecycle and how design approaches and techniques may ultimately affect service governance.

A pre-requisite for this training is Certified SOA Professional.

You must attend the Certified SOA Professional training and exams first before taking the Certified SOA Architect 3-days top-up.

This course consists of the following modules:

  • Exam S90.02: SOA Technology Concepts
    • Basic XML and XML Schema Concepts
    • Overview of Standards Organizations
    • Contrasting Component-Based Architecture with Web Services and REST Services
    • Service Roles, Service Agents, Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs) and Service Activities
    • Basic WSDL, SOAP and REST Concepts plus UDDI, Discovery and Service Registries
    • Basic REST Service Concepts
    • Web Service Anatomy (physical architecture)
    • Context Management and Coordination
    • Atomic Service Transactions and Compensations
    • Orchestration and WS-BPEL
    • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Topics
    • Advanced Messaging, Reliable Messaging and Policies
    • REST Services, Contracts, Resources and Messaging
    • REST Constraints and Architectural Goals
  • Exam S90.08: Advanced SOA Design & Architecture
    • Defining a Service-Oriented Architectural Model and SOA Architecture Types
    • Fundamental and Advanced SOA Design Patterns
    • Designing SOA with Service Agents and Supporting Multiple Protocols
    • Legacy Encapsulation and ESB Design
    • Asynchronous and Event-Driven Messaging, Message Routing and Reliable Messaging
    • Global and Domain-Level Policy Enforcement and Positioning of Business Rules
    • Orchestration Architecture Design, State Deferral and Service Grids
    • Service Data Replication, Cross-Service Transactions and Compensating Transactions
    • Data Transformation and Protocol Bridging
    • ESB and Orchestration as Compound Patterns
  • Exam S90.09: SOA Design & Architecture Lab
    • Hands-on workshop showing how to apply the technologies, concepts, techniques, patterns and principles covered in previous models

After the training you'll receive vouchers for the follwing examinations:

  • Exam S90.02: SOA Technology Concepts
  • Exam S90.08: Advanced SOA Design & Architecture
  • Exam S90.09: SOA Design & Architecture Lab

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