Kinshasa Service Management - simulation

An original simulation game developed by OMEC.

The workshop is intended for people who have completed the IT service management training or have knowledge at this level.

Thanks to the adventurous, exotic narrative leading the team through African areas, students not only learn to manage a project organization, but also experience real emotions! It is them who will make the most important decisions during the simulation – concerning the route, equipment, and even the reaction to the events that have occurred. They too will have to face the consequences of their choices.

What is the final result for the team? There is no clear answer to this question. What is certain is that the participants will be able to taste the victory or face the loss.

The simulation is also available for closed groups, priced individually.

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Dział Handlowy

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For whom?

  • employees of IT departments, IT management, team leaders and all those who want to improve processes in their organization
  • employees who need (more) knowledge or experience in the field of service management processes
  • people who have undergone IT service management training and want to check the operation of processes in practice

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1 day



Training details
Exam and certification

During the workshop, process organization management skills are practiced. While performing simulation tasks, participants will learn and experience the benefits of the best practices of process management in an organization.

The main goal of simulation is to practice the process approach by designing your own processes, monitoring and improving them. The workshop focuses on factors such as acting in accordance with the processes, measuring the effectiveness of these processes, correct prioritization of incidents and problems, and appropriate reporting. During the simulation, such concepts as: process roles, escalation, measures (KPI - Key Performance Indicators), SLA (Service Level Agreement) are used. Participants play roles, defining processes and responsibilities (RACI model) and appropriate methods of action.

The game includes: maps, pieces, event cards.

The game uses elements such as:

  • Introduction to service management principles
  • Design of services
  • Operating of the services
  • Service Improvement

Simulation contents:

  • Participants will play the role of a support team (Service Desk, 2nd line specialists, incident, problem, event manager, SLM process manager) for motorcyclists traveling through Africa. The support team is to ensure the operation of the equipment of the participants of the expedition, react to incidents and problems, and improve the service delivery process.
  • The simulation will guide participants through all stages of the service lifecycle and through most service management processes. The participants' task is to design a service, supporting processes and tools necessary for the effective management of this service. Each of the participants will have the opportunity to play a role in the service provider's team and propose actions to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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