Scrum Developer Certified

E-learning training, enabling learning in a time and place appropriate for a given person.

Scrum Developer Certified (SDC®) is an entry level training and certification for members of Scrum teams and those who work with such teams. The purpose of this training is to ensure that scrum team members have sufficient knowledge of Scrum to participate effectively in the team’s work.

The training includes materials and tools to prepare for the certification exam.

At the end of the training cycle, the participant takes the exam (any number of attempts provided). After passing the exam, the participant receives the Scrum Developer Certified (SDC®) by SCRUMstudy ™ certificate.

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Dział Handlowy

Dział Handlowy

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For whom?

  • solution developers testers
  • people intending to work in the Scrum environment
  • people intending to cooperate with the scrum team
  • all people wishing to confirm their skills with the Scrum Developer certificate
  • people who like individual learning, prefer to study at unusual hours, have little time or travel frequently

from 999 PLN (VAT not included)


as needed, max 180 days



Training details
Exam and certification

The training will be perfect for people working professionally who want to improve their competences - outside of normal working hours.

The training participant receives access to training materials consisting of a series of presentations, exercises and mock test questions.

The pace of walking through the training material depends on the participant. It is only important to take the final exam within 180 days. So you have six months to complete the entire training :)

Table of contents:

This training and certification is intended for everyone who intends to follow Scrum practices, especially as a Scrum Developer!

Benefits of participating in Scrum training:

  • Systematization of the team's work;
  • The ability to easily "enter" a new person into the work of the scrum team;
  • Understanding the basics of how a scrum team works.

Maintaining Certification:

In order to maintain the validity of the certificate, it is necessary to re-certify or obtain any other title in the SCRUMstudy ™ certification area every 3 years.

Exam details:

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Volume: 75 single-choice test questions (1 answer out of 4)
  • Accuracy: 98%
  • Language: English
  • No negative points for wrong answers
  • Examination supervised by an examiner

Scrum Developer Certified

31-12-2023, E-learning

max 180

from 539 PLN