It is currently the most popular framework in the family of Agile methods. Most often used in software development, it is not limited to this area only.

Scrum places particular emphasis on leveraging stage-to-stage feedback, self-organizing teams, and producing tested, working, and usable product “increments”. All this is done in short, usually 2-3 week intervals, called “sprints”.

It gives an amazing increase in the pace of implementation of activities, increase in motivation and creativity of the team, as well as simplicity and flexibility in creating products.

Scrum does not have an extensive management layer, which is why many describe it as a methodology for executive teams. However, thanks to the previously mentioned features, it becomes a very effective tool in the implementation of projects.

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  • Systematic work team;
  • It enables making more optimal decisions regarding the direction of new product development or the legitimacy of further investments;
  • A good method for starting new ventures to verify the next "increases" of the product in terms of business usefulness on an ongoing basis.