Rescuing Troubled Projects

A proven approach to analysing the causes of project collapse, deciding on what to do with it and a blueprint for corrective actions

Rescuing projects at risk is not a trivial task, but can be one of the most rewarding if done properly. It also creates an opportunity for the organization to learn and improve, that is why decent dose of “forensic project management” is required along the way to discover the root-cause of problems and what went wrong in the first place.

Assessing the project along with its environment will allow to choose the right approach and techniques to extinguish both the small and the biggest fires. Don’t be surprised that the fire metaphor will be used frequently because we paired with the most experienced project rescuers, one of whom is actual chief fire fighter.

Good news is you already know the drill, because rescuing the troubled project is a project in itself! We will go through all the stages of a rescue operation from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and close out. We will work with issue breakdown structure instead of classic WBS. We will show you tools, techniques and approaches you need in your toolbox. We will teach you how to ensure that the lessons are really learned!

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Dział Handlowy

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For whom?

  • Auditors of projects
  • Project sponsors and executives
  • Project rescuers
  • Project managers usually directed to the most demanding initiatives

from 3499 PLN (VAT not included)


2 days



Training details
Exam and certification

  • What is a troubled project (project at severe risk)
  • Triggers to commence a rescue operation
    • indicators of a failing project (project health)
    • is it already a troubled project
    • when to start a rescue operation
  • Assessing projects at risk
    • what are the chances the rescue operation will succeed
    • what resources are required
  • Role of a project manager in rescue operation
  • Role of a project sponsor and/or client
    • Confirming and re-confirming the business case
  • Role of a project team
  • Consolidating a shattered team
  • Psychology of a troubled project
    • the blame-game
    • the self esteem issue
    • the peer pressure issue
    • the analysts
    • the availability
    • the stigma
    • how not to get yourself in trouble while rescuing the project
    • managing expectations
    • negotiation and mediation
  • Creating a rescue task force
    • ownership issues
  • Plan the rescue operation
    • Ensure stakeholder participation
    • Ensure open discussion
    • Full project review
    • Project documentation
    • Project indicators
    • The devil is in the details: log analysis
    • Review of: business case, project charter, project mandate, project identification document, assumptions log, project plan, project budget, risk register, issues log, decisions log, activity list, dependencies log, and all contracts


  • Extinguishing fires
    • Reviewing completed deliverables and critical success factors
    • Reviewing failed deliverables and critical failure factors
    • Reviewing decisions
    • Create issue log
  • Issue Breakdown Structure
    • Creating IBS
    • Assessing dependencies
    • Assigning resources
    • Working with IBS
    • Choosing the right indicators for IBS
    • Prioritize Issues
    • Sequence Issues (Plan)
    • Estimating resources is not a guesswork
    • Assigning resources and confirming ownership
    • Resolve conflicts
    • Monitor complexity
    • Identify Actions to solve Issues
      • Network diagram of actions
      • Critical Path analysis
  • WBS
    • Re-prioritize WBS
  • Merge IBS and WBS
  • Re-schedule the project
    • Criteria and indicators for re-scheduling
    • Crash and fast-track
  • Execute rescue plan
  • Control execution
  • Agile added value
  • Closing the rescue operation
  • Extras
    • Adding value to organization
    • Learn the lessons that have to be learned
    • Credit the team
    • Tools and techniques of a successful rescue PM
    • Troubled projects from the portfolio or program level



Rescuing Troubled Projects

15-12-2022, Zdalne/Remote

days: 2

from 3499 PLN