PRINCE2® 6th ed.

PRINCE2® 6th ed.

It places particular emphasis on the business rationale of the project, its organization and responsibilities of individual roles in the project team, as well as the orderly and logical sequence of actions of the project manager.

The methodology can be applied to projects of any size – from introducing an improvement in the IT system to building a stadium for the World Cup.

It allows you to plan a project in an organized manner, carry out all tasks, complete the project and evaluate its effectiveness. It is a universal platform for cooperation of all people involved in the implementation of projects. It lays the foundations for effective communication and effective exchange of information at all stages of the project as well as in the preparation phase.

It focuses on the business case of the project, ensuring that a project whose meaning and profitability is questionable will never be launched.

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  • a universal language used to communicate between the project manager and decision makers and project team members;
  • the possibility of replacing a part of the project team in the event of such necessity (lack of resources, etc.), without any major risk to the success of the project - new specialists will smoothly take over the duties of their predecessors;
  • the ability to conduct a controlled start, development and closure of a project, i.e. automatic attention to the business case for the project, structured project planning, progress monitoring, effective product receipt and project completion;
  • systematic approach to monitoring risks in the project, as well as structured management of deviations from the adopted action plan; engaging the organisation's senior management to make key decisions for the project;
  • tight quality assurance system for project products, predefined and proven in practice communication channels between the contracting authority and the external supplier (subcontractor), no unnecessary bureaucracy in project management.