Best Practice

Best Practice

Projects can be managed intuitively with common sense and logical reasoning. We call such well-established patterns of action Best Practices.

They are described in many different studies, they cover the techniques most commonly used in project management, considered useful and proven by project managers.

One of the best collections of Best Practices is the Project Management Body of Knowledge, a knowledge base maintained by the American Project Management Institute. It is a very extensive compendium of knowledge about project management. The techniques and principles described there are universal for most projects and therefore can be easily applied by both beginners and experienced project managers. The Good Practice Set is a set of activities and techniques that can and should be applied using any methodology. Good practices can also be used as elements to build your own project management workshop.

Good Practices cover all the skills that a project manager should have, including skills defined as “soft”, responsible e.g. for the quality of cooperation with people and resistance to stress.

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