P3O is a guide for the construction or reconstruction of organizational units performing a service function, which are most often called Project, Program and Portfolio Offices.

What should the Project Office be responsible for, and what the Program Office? What role can the portfolio office play in the organization? What people should be in such support units? Should project managers be employed within project offices or maybe in business units? Who is setting up the program office?

P3O explains and justifies the answers to the above questions, contributing to the creation of order and its subsequent maintenance in the organization. It is indicated as an inseparable element of business change.

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Katarzyna Korczak

Katarzyna Korczak

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  • The guide is suitable for smaller and larger organizations working in concentration or dispersion;
  • Enables making decisions based on reliable information in the context of strategic matching, priorities, and optimization of resources to effectively achieve business goals;
  • Allows for the identification and implementation of business goals through programs and projects;
  • It enables the effective delivery of project results.