MSP are program management best practices that are used to successfully implement business change in the public and private sectors.

Many business initiatives consist of a number of projects that should be managed together to ensure their coordination, interaction and focus on a business goal. This is what programs are used for, which constitute a layer of management over projects.

Managing Successful Programs (MSP®) provides a structured but flexible framework for managing, steering and controlling activities related to identifying, defining and executing a program.

It is a practical guide on how to build a manageable program environment, how to maintain it, and how the program should interact with projects. Provides advice on how the program communicates with senior management, who typically views the program from the perspective of a portfolio of all change initiatives.

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  • It facilitates the development of program objectives and identification of its benefits (as well as the acquisition of previously implemented projects that require coordination and modification);
  • Defines the program and shows how it will change the organization;
  • It helps to create a stable framework for the monitoring and coordination of the various projects performed in the program;
  • Ensures controlled program progress;
  • Manages the impact of the program on the organization (program adapted to the organization's strategy);
  • Controls the closing of the program.