MS Excel - advanced level

OMEC’s MS Excel original training at an advanced level.

Practical training prepared on the basis of three modules: the most useful functions with search, data processing, pivot tables and introduction to macros.

Exercises carried out during the training organize the existing knowledge and allow to get acquainted with advanced Excel functions (e.g. nested functions).

The course is designed for people who already have considerable knowledge and want to learn the details of the programme. Due to the level of training the pace of the course is quite fast. To participate in the advanced training you do not need to have completed the intermediate level before.

Minimum group of participants: 10 people.

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Dział Handlowy

Dział Handlowy

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For whom?

  • people who work with Excel and want to use advanced features
  • people who want to improve and accelerate they're work with programme
  • people who work with large amounts of complex data
  • anyone who creates reports, summaries, charts, analyses

from 800 PLN (VAT not included)


16 h



Training details
Exam and certification

The course develops your ability to work with Excel, allowing you to prepare and process complex data.

Training takes place in the evening or at weekends.

Table of contents:

  • Excel basics (reminder and systematization)
    - Basic keyboard shortcuts
    - Auto-complete
    - Data series
    - Addresses
  • Functions (including nested functions) i.e:
    - Summary functions
    - If
    - Count.If
    - Sum.If
    - Count.of.conditions
    - Sum.of.conditions
    - And or
    - Cross search
  • Search.vertically with additional options
  • Data validity
  • Conditional formatting simple and advanced
  • Basic and advanced data sorting
  • Filtering including advanced filtering
  • Data separation textual functions
  • Data Protection in Excel
  • Pivot Tables
  • Introduction to macro recording
  • Optional table formulas


Our participants get:

  • classes conducted by an experienced trainer
  • original training materials
  • friendly atmosphere of learning and experience exchange
  • certificate of participation

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(+48) 801 55 66 32