The Management of Portfolios (MoP) approach is a guide to good practice in managing project and program portfolios.

The MoP focuses on how to make the right decisions about investing in programs and projects (which are ways to accomplish business change) that enable you to achieve strategic goals and meet your business priorities.

Good portfolio management practices ensure:

  • implementation of programs and projects in the right context of the strategic goals of the organization,
  • maximum realization of benefits,
  • identifying, disseminating and applying lessons learned.

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Diana Brylewska

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  • Ability to detect unnecessary and repeated initiatives;
  • More efficient use of resources;
  • Effective program and project execution through project management "in preparation", dependencies and constraints;
  • Redirecting resources to programs and projects that better meet the strategic goals of the organization;
  • Effective realization of benefits through an active approach to the resources and capabilities of the organization;
  • Increased transparency, accountability and corporate governance;
  • Greater involvement and better communication between stakeholders in setting strategic goals;
  • Improving cooperation between organizations.