Management of Risk (M_o_R) is a guide and good practice of risk management in all aspects of the organization’s activities: in projects, programs and portfolios, as well as in daily operations.

It promotes a proactive approach to risk so that it is: identified, assessed and controlled. Risk management is essential where the most important critical decisions are made.

Skillful risk management is an effective, in terms of costs, use of a process consisting of well-defined steps. Its ultimate goal is to support the decision-making system thanks to the full awareness of the risks and their potential impact on the organization.

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Łukasz Wittenberg

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  • High quality of provided services;
  • Reduction of time spent on the so-called "Fire fighting";
  • Reducing the amount of the so-called "Unpleasant surprises";
  • Increasing the chance of taking advantage of favorable "coincidences";
  • Increasing the chances of carrying out complex projects;
  • Better use of resources;
  • Increase in innovation;
  • Gaining a competitive advantage.