Service Catalogue set-up

OMEC’s service catalogue building workshop.

The workshop can be an alternative or rather a complement to IT service management training. It is addressed to people for whom the certificate is not the primary purpose of participation in training course. It is intended for those who need a practical approach to topics related to building and maintaining a service catalogue.

The goal of the workshop is to practically define and identify IT services, as well as to build a services catalogue – business and technical.

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Dział Handlowy

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For whom?

  • anyone interested in exploring practical knowledge of best practice in building, maintaining and managing a Service Catalogue.
  • people who work in organisations that have adopted and adapted good practices of service management
  • people involved in creating an IT offer and people responsible for creating an IT Service Catalogue and defining/managing services on an ongoing basis
  • service owners, representatives of clients purchasing IT services, people responsible for the implementation and ongoing operation of the Service Catalogue Management process.

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Training details
Exam and certification

Participants will become familiar with methods of identifying services and describing them in a language understandable to the business. They will also learn how to define metrics and how to charge for services, as well as the ongoing maintenance and management of the Service Catalogue.

The workshop agenda:

  • Introduction to training
  • Overview of Service Management
  • Service definition
  • Identifying services
  • Service catalogue - business and technical services
  • Creating an IT Service Catalogue
  • Service quality - usability and assurance
  • Level of service provision
  • Service owner and service customer
  • Effective management of the IT service catalogue

Training participants are provided with:

  • classes conducted by an experienced trainer
  • original training materials
  • friendly atmosphere of learning
  • experience exchange
  • certificate of participation



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(+48) 801 55 66 32