Business drawing

Business drawing

Visual thinking supports effective communication!

A business drawing comes in handy when conducting meetings.

It is especially useful for:

  • attract attention and arouse interest
  • encourage participants to cooperate and get involved
  • highlight the most important elements of the presentation
  • present your thoughts in an interesting and legible way
  • facilitate the understanding and remembering of the presented content

This workshop teaches how to create eye-catching titles and distinctions, symbols that emphasize content and meaning, characters that introduce dynamics and emotions into the presentation. It allows you to arrange information on a flipchart to increase its readability, learn tricks that allow you to quickly improve the appearance of even the most boring presentations.

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Łukasz Wittenberg

Łukasz Wittenberg

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  • Clear message of the created presentations;
  • Efficient creation of aesthetic diagrams;
  • Skillful preparation of large-format notes highlighting the key elements of the message;
  • An additional tool to reach different people;
  • Better communication in the business environment;
  • Greater self-confidence during various types of presentations.