AgilePM® & AgileBA®

AgilePM® & AgileBA®

Agile is currently the most popular way of organizing work. Agile management focuses on delivering value quickly to the client, and thus on a quick return on investment.

It focuses on valuable communication, transparency, informal contacts and reacting to changes. Agility is a synonym for a product of appropriate quality delivered when it is needed.

For the executive team, Agile means greater decision-making, an atmosphere of cooperation (also with the client), shortened decision paths and minimized documentation. For decision-makers, on the other hand, agility means less supervision of employees and more talks about goals, priorities and business value. Agility is also a joint responsibility for the delivered effect.

Agile can be implemented in different departments and at different levels of management – it has practically no restrictions. However, it requires openness to experimentation, verification of the effects of work in relation to the goals and compliance with the principles of the selected standard.

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Benefits for organizations
  • Gaining advanced knowledge, easy to apply in practice in the current design environment;
  • Learning about various management styles necessary to implement Agile projects and comparing them with management styles in traditionally managed projects;
  • Acquiring the ability to promote and build good relations and close cooperation between representatives of business and technology;
  • The ability to combine traditional project management methodologies with the Agile method in order to better respond to the dynamically changing business environment;
  • Reduce time and increase the number of successful projects through stakeholder engagement, feedback, and effective project control.