AgileBA® Foundation (upgrade) (EN)

Language: EN, Courseware: EN
06/12/2018 - 06/12/2018

You are invited to participated in this accredited and certified training course on agile project business analysis.

AgileBA means Agile Business Analysis – an analytical model and techniques used in agile-managed projects.

The course is dedicated to graduates of lower-level AgilePM Foundation courses and ends with AgileBA Foundation certificate in the area of business analysis.

The course follows up on the participant knowledge gained during lower-level AgilePM courses (e.g. AgilePM Foundation). It updates the knowledge and expands it with AgileBA elements:

  • business rationale development;
  • modelling;
  • requirement identification;
  • modelling;
  • facilitated workshop.

After the course you can take the certification exam:

  • AgileBA Foundation

A successful result will give you the international AgileBA Foundation certificate.

Course description

The course is an intensive training that expands the fundamental knowledge of AgilePM (2.0 update) and, first of all, introduces business analysis elements that are required in agile-managed projects. The course prepares you to take the AgileBA Foundation exam by giving guidelines and advice on how to pass the exam, and sample questions from the exam that help prepare and check the knowledge before attempting to take the exam.

The AgileBA Foundation exam is an online test that can be taken within days/weeks of the ended course.

The course is handled in English and using materials written in English. The exam itself is in English, as well.
The training course is accredited by APMG-International.
You may have a look at the detailed Training Description.


Our participants get:

  • approved courseware
  • course completion diploma
  • training conducted by an approved trainer
  • catering - coffee breaks and lunch
  • experience exchange
  • good karma :)
  • certification examination (if ordered)
  • globally recognized certificate if exam is passed.


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Kindle Paperwhite
Tablet Lenovo Tab 3 A7-10L
Devices may vary slightly depending on the supply and availability at given time.

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gross per person: 854.85 EUR

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