Managerial meetings are informal morning meeting over tea and coffee that give the opportunity to share experience between managers.

Each meeting is led by an expert in the area who moderates the event. Participants are encouraged to aks questions and raise concerns to be discussed on the forum.

We meet in different places but the idea stays the same. During these events we talk about several aspects of project management, operational management, teamwork and inspiring employees and bosses. We tame new trends and methods and share our experience.

The meetings are free, but we ask for registering first.

Typical agenda:

  • Registration and morning coffee
  • Expert speech (60-90 min)
  • Q&A and discussion
  • Summary
  • Individual consultations

Meeting as usually organised at 09:30.

Meet you there!

In teh list below there are topics covered so far. If you wish to invite us to your city or there is an interest in any of the topic listed below, we would be happy to talk to you on this opportunity - contact us at


Dzień otwarty – Kinshasa Risk Management

Wrocław Jolanta Łabędzka-Benisz |

Konferencja Project Engineering 2016

Jolanta Łabędzka-Benisz |

Project Management Days 2016

Jolanta Łabędzka-Benisz |

Konferencja Project Management Session 2016

Jolanta Łabędzka-Benisz |

New Trends in Project Management 2016

Jolanta Łabędzka-Benisz |

Baltic Project Management Days 2016

Jolanta Łabędzka-Benisz |

IT Service & Support

Andrzej Sawicki |


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