Agility at every level. Plan your Agile path!

In a world where Agile philosophy has become not only the basis for running an organization, but also a lifestyle, it is worth getting to know as many opportunities as possible and consciously choose your own development path.


Basing on the experience of our experts, analysis of market trends and customer demand, we have prepared three suggested areas for development. They all share flexibility and ease of configuration!


Area: Agile Basics

Focuses on the role of a project manager

It allows you to get acquainted with all areas of project management
It explains the differences between agile and traditional management


Area: Agile in Projects

Develops the knowledge and skills of the project manager
Perfect for people who want to specialize in agile business analysis
It broadens the perspective of creating a team and conducting engaging, effective meetings
It teaches how to combine classically managed projects with agility


Area: Agile in IT

It focuses on culture and how IT works together

It will work for people who want to specialize in agile business analysis and those working at the interface between IT and business

Explains the relationships between the roles in the team, helps to learn how to effectively conduct meetings and workshops


Area: Agile in the Organization

It explains how the well-adapted agility works
It explains where to start implementation and how to carry it out effectively
It emphasizes the way people think and engage them – from management to employees
It emphasizes the essence of teams and their joint efforts to achieve the goal


You don’t get lost with us!

You can count on our help during the implementation of the selected training package. An OMEC expert will help you to dispel any doubts regarding the merits of the training and the acquired knowledge. You can also ask him about the best development path for you in a given area!


Depending on the number of purchased/ booked courses, we provide:
1 training – up to 60 minutes consultation with an expert
2 trainings – up to 120 minutes consultation with an expert
3 trainings – up to 180 minutes consultation with an expert
4 trainings – up to 240 minutes consultation with an expert and a set of project documents (approx. 31 files)


In case you have more questions or need our support, please contact us by phone (+48) 801 55 66 32 or by e-mail